Health & Safety

H&S Training

Tergo offers Health and Safety awareness training, including coaching in the skills required to carry out risk assessments and method statements.

Tergo can offer specific training for the elevator industry. New courses include:

• training in the procedures for safely accessing and egressing the elevator car top and pit areas; and
• elevator maintenance procedures using your own company manual.

H&S Services

Tergo offers general health and safety consultancy; risk assessment; and audits. It also provides specific on-site services for the elevator industry:

Pre-tender inspections

It is often the case that the contract salesman is unable to carry out any sort of pre-tender inspection. Tergo recognises the importance of this issue and has the skills to carry out this inspection on your behalf – thus eliminating the risk of under-pricing or even not getting a contract due to over-pricing.

Maintenance audits

Tergo can provide an independent view on the quality of the maintenance, repairs and refurbishment, to ensure all such work is carried out to the specification required by you and your customers. Such independent audits can be presented to the client, showing a review process for quality, particularly critical when contracts are due for renewal.


Many maintenance contracts allow the service provider to submit dilapidation reports within 60 days of contract start date – indicating any upgrades and repairs necessary to give reliability of service for the contract duration. This can take a lot of time and detracts from direct revenue-creating work, therefore it is often not carried out.

Tergo can now supply this report on your behalf, using either your own paperwork or generating the necessary documentation itself.

Requested elevator inspections

Elevator inspections give you the opportunity to supply quotations for faulty, worn or obsolete parts, upgrades and D.D.A works. During this inspection Tergo would collect hazard data and site details to be reported back to you, leaving your log card on-site. If required, the annual safety switch operational test can be carried out during such a visit.

This inspection will allow you to supply quotations and your customer to budget to ensure future reliability.

As with Dilapidation, this report may be submitted on either your own paperwork or Tergo can generate the necessary documentation.

This list of services is not exhaustive and if you have any other processes that you believe we could undertake, leaving your permanent staff available to increase revenue, please do not hesitate to contact us on